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Poster : sys_admin on 2012-02-27 12:13:28 (2798 reads)







Poster : sys_admin on 2011-10-24 21:26:06 (2885 reads)

The policy of the writing of the comment to a diary was changed.

Only when it was in the state to which the registered user logged in, the writing of the comment had so far been permitted, but about the writing of a comment, it became possible also by guest privilege.

However, when it is judged that it is contrary to the slander slander to an individual and good public order and customs, it may delete compulsorily.

Please protect and use manners.

From now on, a policy may be changed without a preliminary announcement.

Please understand the situation beforehand.

Poster : sys_admin on 2011-09-21 19:57:24 (2922 reads)

When performing initial registration using free e-mail, such as hotomail, I have obtained the opinion that recognition goes wrong.

If initial registration is performed using hotmail or yahoo mail as a result of investigation, it is checked that a registration confirmation mail can distribute to a troublesome mail folder.

In this case, sorry to trouble you, but please recognize after logging in to a registration site, and choosing the registration confirmation mail of CuTOWN, and moving to a receiving folder with a "release from unsolicited junk e-mail" button.

Thank you for your consideration.

Poster : sys_admin on 2011-09-14 15:19:05 (3471 reads)

I received the report that the blog currently written by Amoeba Blog could not be displayed by Cutown.

When I investigated, I checked that use of the external link offered by  Amoeba Blog  was changed, and it was impossible to reflect the blog of  Amoeba Blog  in the diary of Cutown in an old setup.

This problem is avoidable by the following method.

TOP  >  Diary  >  sys_admin  >  Changing the setting of the diary

Selection of blog    Others It chooses.

Both "URL of external blog " and "URL of RSS " are inputted.

About URL of RSS Let's copy & paste URL displayed after clicking this picture.



Moreover, external blogs in a Cutown diary, such as Amoeba Blog and a Yahoo! blog, and information dissemination within Cutown You can make it intermingled.



The category of a diary is classified.

The people with two or more external blogs are " Amoeba Blog ", an "excitement blog", etc. It will be intelligible if the name of an external blog is made into a category.

A setup of an external blog can be performed for every category, respectively.

It is also possible to indicate by list and to manage two or more blogs in a unified manner by doing this work.

Please utilize.



Poster : sys_admin on 2011-09-06 13:45:34 (2799 reads)

A new service 'YouTube' button was added to CuTOWN. The Movie of the favorite is easily retrieved from world's largest animation site 'YouTube' with this button, and it is possible to inspect it in CuTOWN. The usage is easy. 'movie' button is clicked, and the key word of the favorite is put and retrieved to the displayed retrieval column in the upper part of the page. A lot of music file has been improved to YouTube. Please feel free not to have used YouTube to use up to now.

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