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TOP : Unit owner support start.
Poster : sys_admin on 2011-08-12 17:09:07 (2044 reads)

Up to now, though it is a Tohoku revival support project that has been told in CuTOWN. At last, the service of earthquake revival Nabis started.


The first support destination is 'Oshika peninsula cheerleaders. ' It is an organization to which the people who had been managing the processed marine products industry in Miyagi Prefecture were mainly formed by fishermen on each beach.

The local input is drawn up centering on the Miyagi Prefecture Oshika peninsula.Please cooperate a lot widely of knowing to offer necessary a necessary thing the activities of striving men.

Moreover, the credit card remittance using credit paypal and the offer of the system of the remittance by the transfer began from earthquake revival Nabis at the same time, too.

Please cooperate in support by the remittance by all means.

Your money is remitted directly to the support destination. the activity of the support destination can be followed in CuTOWN contents such as the diary, communities, and forums.

Please you must wish the revival, and use the CuTOWN Tohoku revival support project that can support the person, the town, and the region directly.

The information sending is scheduled to be helped widely in CuTOWN regardless of the individual in the future, the enterprise or the group.

Please feel free to inquire of the people who receive the damage of this East Japan great earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear accident.

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